12 January 2017

La Janda and San Fernando

Our first outing of the new year,we thought La Janda and then a short drive down to 
San Fernando for some waders.

It turned out to be a great  day it was a beautiful sight to see a couple of thousand common cranes coming in from their roost to feed on the rice fields.

A few waders and good numbers of common snipe in amongst the muddy rice fields.
Marsh harriers and some bigger raptors could be seen at a distance so away we went in search of those raptors, hoping to spot some Bonelli's Eagle or the bigger Spanish Imperial Eagle.

Below are some photos of some of the birds we saw on the day.

Black winged kite

Black winged kite

Marsh harrier

Little owl

Crag martin

Ringed plover

Grey plover




Green shank

Little ringed plover

Purple swamp hen

Marsh harrier

Common cranes

Cattle egret

Common sandpiper

And this sighting of a Steppe Eagle was fantastic! We believe this raptor is not seen
very often this far down in Southern Europe. We assume it is the same bird seen around this area in October 2016, making it only the 2nd sighting in Spain.

Here are a few photos we took.

Thank you for visiting hope you all enjoy the photos.

Until our next post bye for now.

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