27 January 2011

We're famous! Well... Not really...

We were lucky enough to be featured in a local magazine called 'Gib Easy' this month, as they asked us to do a small advert to explain what we were about, and inform people how they could follow our progress by accessing our blog. 

We're hoping that this will help us to reach out to a wider audience and promote our blog locally. We reckon that GOHNS does a wonderful job but we wish to highlight bird watching  as a hobby and increase our followers, or at least reach out to anyone interested in bird photography.

If this is your first visit to our blog, there's posts dating back to September 2010 so get reading and we hope you enjoy what you come across! We appreciate any feedback so feel free to drop us a line! If you're one of the 'regulars' then we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and we apologise for the lack of recent posts. We've been caught up with plenty of work, and the bad weather hasn't helped matters either...

Perhaps we'll get some sun (and free time) soon enough, and get back to blogging about what we love... Birds!

NOTE - Thanks to Craig at Gib Easy for an excellent job! If you want to check out the magazine but can't obtain a copy then you can access their website on www.gibeasy.com

03 January 2011

Bonelli's Eagle

We headed out yesterday in search of the Bonelli's Eagle, keeping our fingers crossed hoping that we'd come across one and enable us to provide you with some clearer shots of this magnificent bird. 

As we arrived on the scene we were disappointed to see that the area was covered in thick mist but fortunately, after an hour or so, it all lifted and we had a great day spotting all sorts of birds, from a lone black stork, to a kingfisher.

And as promised, here are the spectacular photos that we captured of a Juvenile Bonelli's Eagle...!
 Overall, a great start to the year!