28 September 2019

Corys Shearwater

We took a boat trip  whilst on holiday in Portugal 
in search of Shearwaters,Skuas,and Petrels,we did 
manage to see  all of the above .

Corys Shearwater ,Wilson Petrel,Storm Petrels,
Great Skua,Pomarine Skua,Long- Tailed Skua,

Corys Shearwater came in close enough for a chance of a
decent photo, every thing else stay at binocular distance 
but still had Great day out.

Hope you enjoy the photos thanks for the visit.
We are working on a couple new posts will update soon.

Alpine Swift

Here we have a few photos of some Alpine Swift we managed to take
whilst on holiday in Portugal.

Thank you for visiting more to come bye for now.