26 September 2010


I began birdwatching with my father when I was about 5 years old and I remember being terrified of the Yellow-Legged Gulls. It was mating season and their nests were perched all along the Mediterranean Steps in Gibraltar and as we walked along the pathways the Gulls would attack us to protect their eggs. Not the best day of my life but certainly one I will never forget!

My dad has always loved birds, nature and going on outings so that he can photograph everything he comes across. He's been birdwatching now for quite some time but I've only just started to REALLY get into it myself over the past 2 years. Within those 2 years we've visited different locations in Southern Spain, Gibraltar, and even driven down to Portugal. The relationship with my father has become better than ever as we get to spend more time together and we both share a hobby, and now my uncle has joined us during our outings, we certainly have some good laughs along the way!

I decided to write a blog to keep a diary of our outings, as I've always wanted to do this and I finally have the time. I'll also be posting photos of birds, landscapes, etc but as they are taken (and intended), and not fiddled around with Photoshop. So, for anyone who's stumbled across my blog well I hope you enjoy it...


  1. johnny!!! de donde a echo pasting la foto!!!! those pics have definately not been taken by you hahah....joking
    great pics!!!!! im ure no 1 fan and u know it

  2. Anonymous3/11/10 23:09

    First time for me on this site let alone a blogspot and I must say it was very interesting and really impresive photos too.Guess who "El Pajarako" hehe

  3. Excellent blog guys!! Love the photos and bird reports. Keep up the good work.


    "El Pajarako Junior" Clint.

    P.S. Why have you put a potrait of el pajarako del Andrew on the background? ;-)