06 November 2010

La Janda

We took a day off work to pop over to La Janda. We were expecting to see Cranes, as they tend to appear in these areas during the winter months. Luckily we were there for no longer than 10 minutes before we heard their calls across the field. We stopped off and managed to view a flock of approximately 300 that were there resting and feeding so we were able to observe them closely for some time. As they were relatively far away from us we were unable to take any decent photographs but we hope to be able to capture a good one at some point! Whilst we were stopped off observing the Cranes we glimpsed a Black-winged Kite and a couple of Hen Harriers.

Black-winged Kite
Black-winged Kite
Apologies for the short post but we simply went on a quick trip to La Janda to see if the Cranes were there. We hope to add more to the blog soon enough so please click to suscribe to the blog and you'll be notified of any new posts in the future.

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