21 February 2011

Our Intentions

We would just like to clear up a bit of a misunderstanding. 

We are not professional photographers, or PhotoShop experts... We are simply BIRD WATCHERS!

We go out on regular excursions to locate birds in different habitats and we're either driving or walking around, we are not concealed inside a hide.

Our main aim is to observe the birds (through binoculars), and if we manage to get a clear enough shot to upload to the blog then we will do so, as there are some people who have taken an interest in where we go, and what we see.

We don't intend to win any photography prizes, or become official guides. All we ever wanted to do  is to keep an online diary and perhaps make people more knowledgeable about birds, especially people who live locally.

So if you enjoy our blog, thank you ever so much for your support and positive feedback. We really appreciate it!

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