10 November 2011

Laguna de Medina Sidonia

We headed over early on in the morning, as it had been quite a while since we had last visited this area and we were keen to spot some ducks.

Early Morning at Laguna Medina

Unfortunately they were too far away to capture any decent photographs however, we were able to view them using a scope.

Here's a complete list of what we spotted in the area:

  • Shoveler
  • Porchard
  • Red-crested Porchard
  • Little Grebe
  • Great-crested Grebe
  • White-headed Duck
  • Little Bittern
  • Coot
  • Chiffchaff
  • Mistle Thrush
  • Cetti's Warbler
  • Sardinian Warbler
  • Sandwich Tern

Little Grebe



We then drove from there, to Benalup and then onto La Janda. Whilst in La Janda, we spotted:
Black-shouldered Kite

Black-shouldered Kite

Black-shouldered Kite
Black-shouldered Kite

Great White Egret
Great White Egret
Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard

  • Meadow Pipet
  • White Wagtail
  • Black Redstart
  • Grey Heron
  • White Stork
  • Black Stork
  • Night Heron (JV)
  • Serin
  • Gold Finch
  • Great White Egret
  • Spanish Imperial Eagle
  • Common Buzzard
  • Bonelli's Eagle (JV)
  • Marsh Harrier
  • Montagu's Harrier
  • Kestrel
  • Short-toed Eagle
  • Black-shouldered Kite
  • Common Crane
  • Griffon Vulture
  • Green Sandpiper
  • Lapwing

Montagu's Harrier
Montagu's Harrier
Montagu's Harrier
Montagu's Harrier
Montagu's Harrier
We were fortunate enough to see two large Eagles on that day, the Spanish Imperial Eagle and the Bonelli's Eagle. We were able to capture some photographs of the Spanish Imperial Eagle from a distance however, we were unable to get any of the Bonelli's as it was too far away. 

Here are the photos we took,  and as you can see they're not the best picture quality but its enough to appreciate the size of the Eagle:

Spanish Imperial Eagle
Spanish Imperial Eagle

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