26 January 2013

During the storm...

We had already set out knowing that a bad storm was on its way however, we decided to brave it as we had already made all the necessary arrangements to go out on this trip. It'd had been quite some time since our last birding trip together so we were both very enthusiastic, and eager to get some good photos for our blog.
Cranes, as the storm approaches
We headed for La Janda and on the first curve we managed to see plenty of Linnets and Goldfinch, all sat on a fence with a ray of sunlight upon them. The sunshine brought out their colours, enhanced by the greyness of their surroundings (due to the miserable weather).
Horse in La Janda
Unfortunately, we were totally unprepared for this moment as we didn't have our cameras set up! We immediately got out of the car to grab the equipment but at that precise moment it began to pour down with rain and we had no choice but to give up on taking that spectacular photo. We headed back to the warmth of the car and waited for the next clearing.
Great White Egret
As the day cleared up, the sun began to shine, and the birds started to appear again. 
Fantailed Warbler
Fantailed Warbler
Overall, we had a great day and didn't regret heading out in the bad weather.
Marsh Harriers

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