21 February 2013

Tarifa and bird migration

On Friday we drove over to Tarifa hoping that there would be some kind of movement regarding the bird migration, especially the raptors, but unfortunately there was not much happening there at the time.

We stayed in the area for a couple of hours and saw about thirty five Black Kites.

Afterwards, we decided to move down to La Janda.

Black Kite
Griffon Vulture
Griffon Vulture
After spending another couple of hours at La Janda we saw  Black Kite, Marsh Harrier,
Spoonbills, Black-winged Kites, Snipe, Reed Bunting, Booted Eagle, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Common Buzzard, Great White Egret, Cranes, Meadow Pipits, Kingfisher.

Great Spotted Cuckoo
Reed Bunting
Griffon Vulture
We hope that there will be more bird movement in terms of migration by next week when we would like to return to Tarifa (weather and work permitting, of course) as we can't wait to see that spectacle once again.

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