13 May 2013

Return trip to Centro Valverde

After our last outing to Centro Valverde we decided  that a return trip would be be in order.
There was so much to see that it would be worth the effort to return to the area and spend the day .
We drove down a diffrent track this time and it was the right decision as we got close to the centre there
is a large area which is flooded and there we saw plenty of bird movement .
Squacco Heron
Purple Heron

 From the side of the track we  saw good numbers of Purple Herons and Squacco Herons
with a few Night Herons .
Night Heron 
Squacco Heron

Little Egret

This trip we saw a few raptors ,a few Black Kites ,Booted Eagles ,Griffon Vultures
and a single Ruppells Vulture, also a beautiful Red Kite with a Long Legged  Buzzard
one of the highlights of the day.
Vultures feeding

Ruppells Vulture

Black kite
There are Red crested Pochards , Pochards , Gadwall, Black Necked Grebes ,Little Grebes,
Great crested Grebes,
Great crested Grebe
 From the centre its self your can observe Egrets ,Herons ,and Glossy Ibis building
their nests in some near by trees, there are some birds with chicks in the nest as you can see them
feeding .
Coot with chicks

Whiskered Tern
And what was the spot of the day the Nightjar sat there and did not move as they
tend to do .
 Well it was a wonderful day of birding once again the return trip was well worth the effort.
Enjoy the post and we hope to be out bird watching soon before it gets to hot to be out
on the field.

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