13 August 2015


We like visiting this area as it has a great variety of birds to be found and it is
a short  drive away for us.

Here we have a few photos of some of the birds we have recently seen  at this location.

A few photos of some Lesser Kestrels that breed in Castellar.

Also seen in the area where Bee- Eaters,Crag Martins,Booted Eagles,Griffon Vultures
Short -toed Eagle ,Bluerock Thrush,Golden Orioles,Blue Tit,Crested Tit, Great Tit
Longtailed Tit,Jays,Magpie,Greatspotted Woodpecker,Short-toed Treecreeper
Nuthatch,Spotted Flycatcher,House Martins,Wrens,Firecrest,Willow Warbler,Melodious Warbler,
Cettis Warbler,Nightingale,

Blue Tit




Booted Eagle

Griffon Vulture

Crag Martin

Crag Martin

Crag Martin
A great area for our bird watching and very close to home.
Thanks for visiting bye for now.

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