22 March 2014

Black-tailed godwits

Limosa limosa

During a previous birding trip in Bonanza we managed to observe some Black-tailed godwits at a relatively close range. This enabled us to capture some decent photographs so we decided to do a post specifically about this bird.

Black-tailed godwits are large long-legged wading birds. In summer, they have bright orangey-brown chests and fronts, but in winter they are predominantly greyish-brown. Their most distinctive features are their long beaks and legs, and the black and white stripes on their wings.

Estuaries and coastal lagoons are the best places to look for such a bird, at almost any time of the year, and they also visit wetland sites inland. It is easiest though to spot them from late summer, and all throughout winter.

Anyhow, we hope you've all enjoyed our post focusing on this particular bird.
We're already drafting up our next post, and planning our next outing too. Busy times ahead for the Bird Nerd team!

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