26 September 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today is precisely one year on from the day that we uploaded our first post for the Bird Nerds blog!
Glossy Ibis
A lot has happened over the course of the year and we managed to plan a lot of successful birding outings during this time; locally in Gibraltar, in Southern Spain, and also in Portugal. 
Squacco Heron
There have also been times where we have headed out, not seen anything remotely interesting and gone home disheartened. There have even been occasions when we've been out and about and missed a wonderful photo opportunity because we simply haven't had our camera at hand...
Anyhow, we're keen to get some more birding outings organised for the coming months as we'd like to continue with the blog for a while yet. 

Its been interesting to receive positive feedback from people all over the globe, including our own family and friends, who have become keen followers.
Blue Rock Thrush
We really hope you've enjoyed our 'journey' so far and that you continue to support us in the future! 
Yellow Wagtail
Why not take a look at our Picasa Web Album and check out what bird species we have managed to photograph in the past year? 
Bee Eater
You can even leave comments on any of the photographs, if you wish to do so of course. We would love to hear from you and know which one's are your favourites!

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