05 September 2011

Hundreds & hundreds... of Honey Buzzards!

We've had to delay the post on our birding trip to La Janda, as we visited the Lighthouse at Europa Point yesterday on the off chance of seeing some migrating birds and we were met by a spectacular sight! 
Honey Buzzard
We were fortunate enough to witness hundreds of Honey Buzzards flying over the Lighthouse on their way over to Africa, and luckily we captured them on camera to share with all of you! 

Here is an extract taken from one of our bird guide books, which describe the different Honey Buzzards (from below).
A, B and C are Adults, whereas D and E are Juveniles.

Here are some more photos of the spectacular Honey Buzzards:

NOTE - Details on La Janda will be posted later on in the week, with some good photos of Little Owl, etc.

Hope you've enjoyed today's unexpected post! :)

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